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NFL art a good way to celebrate our past

Cities are a lot of like people: Each has a personality.

When you in Vegas, you know you in Vegas.

The best cities are those that embrace their history, such as San Francisco; it because the people there are fiercely proud of it and work hard to preserve it.

When it comes to history, Canton is no slouch. We home to a president, after all. But frankly, it would be hard to convince an unknowing outsider that NFL football was born here.

Michael Clapper is about to help change that. The Copley native is among a group of artists who are being commissioned to create Eleven, a series of public art pieces to illustrate the story of NFL football in downtown Canton, where it was born.

Clapper, who lives in Denver, said he received an email from Robb Hankins, CEO of ArtsInStark, encouraging him to apply.

hadn done any sports pieces, he said. just felt honored by that.

were worried that people wouldn realize how serious we were, Hankins said. stereotypes (about sports art) cut both ways. Some of my local consultants advised to me to artists you like, and send them personal notes. Eighty artists from 30 states applied. We have some of the finest in the country. Clapper piece will be installed this fall in front of the Frank T. Bow building at Cleveland Avenue and Second Street SW, the former site of Ralph Hay Hupmobile car dealership, where a group "Comprar Gh Jintropin" of men including Jim Thorpe launched the predecessor of the National Football League in 1920.

Clapper structure of stainless steel and dichroic glass will "Anaboliset Aineet" be the first of Eleven, which will illustrate the 11 greatest moments of Oral Steroids List the game as determined by game historians. Clapper said the piece will rest upon a pedestal made from I beams to honor the city steel industry, and the beams will bear the names of the league 10 original teams.


Maybe some Cantonians reluctance to boast more Comprar Gh Jintropin about our NFL roots is because football is a violent game and a blue collar sport once played Primobolan 1ml by blue collar people.

Baseball, with its green fields and slow rhythms, has a sepia toned romanticism about it. When we wax poetic about America, baseball is often what comes to mind.

Football is smashmouth. Born on dirt, it was played in blood, mud and snow by hog butchers and ditch diggers. But it, too, reflects America. Our youth. Our passion. Our unblinking willingness to face down Oral Steroids Poison Oak our foes and our dogged determination to carve a clear path out of a chaotic wilderness.

You can grow up in Northeast Ohio, as Clapper did, and not see how football reflects the people who helped to invent it.

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a diehard football fan, unlike some of my artist friends. But it a poor dog that doesn wag "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" its own tail now and then.

Clapper said that sometimes it just takes people like Hankins who are willing to put a voice to it.

start the discussion, and local Australian Levitra people start listening, he said. empowers them. Things happen. Pride starts taking hold. I think it a great thing for Canton. In terms of public art, Clapper said Canton is the ante. has the potential of becoming a world class destination for public art, he said.